Hello World

Last modification on 2018-11-13

After a lot of procrastination I have finally gotten around to creating a website. In the coming months various projects I've been working shall be uploaded and documented here. I will also use this site to post an occasional blog entry, which will be either updates on certain projects, or any information I discover which may be useful to others.

The site itself is still in it's infancy, however all design-decisions were consciously made and will likely remain as they are. Whilst designing the site a function-over-form principal was strictly adhered to. The color scheme was chosen as to comply with W3's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. The CSS file is less than 15 lines long, and used purely for the sake of readability. The HTML tags used are very sane, and there should be no trouble viewing any pages from a browser such as lynx.

For reasons of security and simplicity, all the pages are static HTML files, generated using a bash script I wrote, which can be found here, however, do be warned, these scripts are very hacky and likely no use to anyone at the time of writing.

Anything posted here falls under Creative Commons, so feel free to share or modify any of my content you find here.

That's all for now!